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ASCA provides educational information to regulating agencies, legislators and others who influence and set policies affecting the school counselor role and school counselors' ability to provide services to all students for the best possible outcomes.

At the national level, ASCA advocates to protect the school counselor role and to improve access to school counseling, as well as to address related policy issues, including student mental health, career and technical education, and college readiness and affordability. ASCA also collaborates with other national education and advocacy groups on topics affecting school counselors and education. 

At the state level, ASCA supports state school counselor associations in developing effective and sustainable advocacy programs to advance state-specific issues affecting school counseling and K-12 education. School counselors are encouraged to actively participate with their state association as one way to increase their civic engagement. For more information on local advocacy efforts in your district and state, please contact your state association and get involved. 

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Educate, Inform, and Advocate!

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Hello. I am a school counselor or school counseling student at _______________School and a constituent in your district, and because I see the serious issues being addressed in schools today, I am paying close attention to the Kansas Legislature this year. I am specifically concerned about the lack of P-12 licensed school counselors and barriers to loan forgiveness for school counselors. Are you aware that the Kansas death by suicide rate has been higher than the national rate since 2002? Research supports that implementing a comprehensive program with a licensed school counselor positively impacts the social emotional and mental health of ALL P-12 students. I know your position requires making many difficult decisions, but I hope you will make decisions that make a difference in the lives of all Kansans, perhaps even save lives.

I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you regarding the role and expertise of a licensed school counselor. Please feel free to contact me. We thank you for your service to our state.


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Tools to Communicate Your Role

Parents, administrators and teachers often wonder just what it is school counselors do on a daily basis. Why do we need school counselors, anyway?

Every day, school counselors are involved in character education, violence prevention, career planning and much more. To support your program and your position, ASCA provides materials specifically defining the roles of school counselors and research on the effectiveness of school counseling. You can use these documents at back-to-school nights, faculty meetings, school board meetings, one-on-one parent meetings or any other time you want to share your role and expertise with others.

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Advocating for Your School Counseling Program Using ASCA Resources

The school counselor’s role remains unclear in many school districts. School counselors’ tasks, expectations and demands vary from district to district and school to school. In many cases, the definition of the school counselor’s role is left to the administrator’s discretion. When faced with questions about their roles and responsibilities, school counselors can refer to One Vision, One Voice resources. Developed by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) in conjunction with representatives from 51 state school counseling associations, these resources promote the mission and work of school counselors.

By referencing the Role of the School Counselor and official ASCA position statements, school counselors can confidently advocate for their professional duties. Each of the 41 position statements include the counseling topic, the rationale, the school counselor’s role, a summary and references for more research. To help further clarify the professional role of the school counselor in regard to maintaining legal and ethical standards, ASCA has also created a comprehensive list of appropriate vs. inappropriate duties.

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